Endowments have never been more important than today. While endowments have traditional been a part of higher education and healthcare, now all nonprofits – including arts organizations, human services organizations, and environmental entities – are building endowments to address fluctuations in annual revenue, ebbs and flows in government and foundation grants, and the periodic disaster needs addressed by those entities.

Endowments offer charities a way to ensure long-term financial stability through creation of a permanent source of funding for specific programs, program development, and operations. Long-term success in building and managing endowment assets requires a firm platform and infrastructure, consistent messaging, and conversations with donors.

Kathryn W. Miree & Associates, Inc. works with charities to:

  • Assess readiness to build endowment
  • Identify areas of infrastructure that must be developed for endowment management
  • Determine the form of that endowment
  • Build policies and procedures addressing endowment and fund structure, reporting, communications, stewardship, investment, spending, and distribution
  • Set standards for fund structure, including minimums, separate accountings, named funds, and purpose
  • Design the case statement for endowment
  • Develop key marketing materials
  • Design a marketing and calling strategy to build endowment
  • Define the role of volunteers
  • Train staff and volunteers to make calls
  • Walk through the Request for Proposal process to identify and retain custody, accounting and investment management vendors

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